This website is and will continue to be a work in progress thanks to the web artistry of Tracy Lukeman. She raises beautiful Hollands, is a gracious competitor and most importantly, is a very good friend. Thanks for all your support Tracy!!!
I also want to extend my appreciation to those friends and colleagues that helped me get started in the right direction with my Hollands. These individuals provided the foundation stock in my herd and the critical "right parts" for me to craft fine Hollands. And just as importantly, they shared their valuable time and knowledge with me. The successes I have in my breeding program and on the show table are shared by those who helped me accomplish it.

Thank you all:
Debbie Jones,  Rick and Cathy Bell, Ray and Margie Brewer,  Pandora Allen, Audrey Patriarche, Lee Chenevert, Gene Styles, and Valerie Harrell.

A special thanks to Lee Chenevert and Rick Bell who taught me the # 1 lesson in Hollands...Patience!
And finally, my most important thank you--to the one responsible for me getting into rabbits in the first place. I owe so much to my wonderful husband, Denny,  for his suggestion a few years ago that I might like a rabbit for a pet. He had no idea how hooked I would become! We laugh about that one now! 

Without his generous support in so many countless  ways, I would not be able to raise and show the Hollands that have their paws wrapped so firmly around my heart.  In my experience, some of the best gifts in life have fur!!!!



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